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Spring Fever - Fact or Fiction?

March 5, 2019 by Dana Yates.

The flowers are budding, the air is warming, and the skies are clearing. You have this sudden urge to get outside! You feel restless and you can’t be held back. You may have Spring Fever!

The History

In the 18th century, spring fever used to mean the onset of scurvy. The long winters meant an extended period of time without vitamin C causing bleeding gums, aching joints, and a general lethargic feeling. This became known as spring disease or spring fever and the name has stuck for centuries. Thankfully with modern science and an abundant food supply, spring fever now refers to a feeling of restlessness and a shift of mood.

Let the Sun Shine

Our internal clocks are pre-wired to react to changes in daylight. As we are exposed to sunlight, we may feel less depressed, more alert, and better able to process demanding tasks. The brain’s serotonin concentrations may increase in response to the daylight exposure, thus boosting our mood and our ability to better respond to stressful events.

Get Moving

Often with the improved weather and the desire to be outside comes an increase of physical activity. As you exercise, you may also experience an increase of endorphins (the “feel-good” hormone). As the endorphins enter into your body, you may experience an improved outlook on life, reduced stress, and improved sleep.

Falling in Love?

Do you have renewed feelings of love toward someone? Or do you feel like you need to meet someone new in your life? Spring is the time when most mammals start reproducing. Those biological impulses may cause stirrings, increasing your urge to form an intimate bond. Combining those pheromones with an improved mood and the shedding of clothes as the weather warms, and you have a recipe for love.

Enjoy Spring!

Whatever may cause your new energized and engaged feelings, get outside and enjoy spring!


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