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  • April 4, 2016 by Dana Yates.

    What’s so “super” about superfoods? Super FoodsWe’ve all heard the term “superfood,” but what does it really mean? What makes a food “super”? Unfortunately, there’s no legal or medically recognized definition for the term, but many nutritionists would agree that a superfood is a nutrient-packed powerhouse full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols. These foods will typically have multiple health benefits and are often low in bad fats and sugars. A cheat to help spot the nutrient packed fruits and vegetables at the grocery store?
  • December 28, 2015 by Yvonne Lau.

    Many of the herbs used in our formulas can only be sourced from China where medicinal herbs have grown naturally for thousands of years. During a recent visit to China, I had the privilege of visiting the city of Bozhou in Anhui province. Bozhou is home to arguably the largest Chinese herb market in the world, where they grow nearly 165,000 acres of herbs with 1 million people engaged in the planting, processing, and distribution of herbs. I was in Bozhou with our head herb master/buyer Mr. Zhang, who travels more than 300 days out of the year meeting with farmers, inspecting crops, and collecting herb...
  • November 23, 2015 by Katie Stoyka.

    Ginger is native to tropical Southern Asia (India? China? No one really knows!). What we do know is that it was used as a tonic for common ailments by Arabic, Indian and Asian healers as far back as 5,000 years ago, and as a cooking spice long before that. It has an exotic refreshing taste, perfect to sip in this all-natural homemade soda. This recipe is based on...
  • July 24, 2015 by Anne Lovyu.

    For many of us, going to the gym isn’t something that seems like fun after a long day. Dancing however, doesn’t feel like work when you’re moving and shaking to the beat, which probably explains the popularity of Zumba (the chiseled abs aren’t hard on the eyes either). If you’d rather not dance in spandex, that’s fine. All kinds of dancing are great exercise, but before you put on those dancing shoes check out these facts about the many physical and mental health benefits...
  • July 16, 2015 by David Brodell-Lake.

    Summer is an ideal time for exploring nature. Here in the Golden State, many of us may be unaware of the medicinal plants growing in the hills and forests around us. California is home to many different species of indigenous plants that were used as folk medicine since the days when only Native Americans inhabited the land...
  • July 2, 2015 by David Brodell-Lake.

    We are a nation that loves to eat and our gustatory tastes run the gamut from “it-can’t-be-rare-enough” carnivores to vegan raw food lovers. While we celebrate our cultural diversity, let's take a moment to remember that all meals are not created equal. Whether you’re planning a meat-centric barbeque or a vegetarian feast, here are some healthy dishes everyone can enjoy...
  • June 17, 2015 by Katie Stoyka.

    Society has taught men that “manly” means their health must be unfaltering and that if they ignore a health problem, it will go away. Let the men in your life know you love them by helping them take care of their health and telling them they are still a superhero in your book even if they are struggling with a health issue...
  • June 11, 2015 by David Brodell-Lake.

    Many of us dream about our wedding day. We picture a day filled with smiling family members, supportive friends in beautiful attire, and a reception filled with lights where heartfelt speeches leave us teary-eyed. With all the planning, budgeting, and decision-making going on, it’s common for the bride and groom to feel overwhelmed and stressed, so staying healthy, sane, and in good spirits should be top priorities...
  • May 21, 2015 by David Brodell-Lake.

    This Memorial Day, while we welcome in the summer season with an extra day to BBQ and play outside, let’s not forget the important reason for that extra day. Those of us that have never served can only imagine the heroic sacrifices our veterans have made. The strain and stress experienced will often take a toll in the form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, casually referred to as PTSD. There is hope in new and innovative treatments that are constantly being discovered. Alternative therapies such as herbal supplements and acupuncture are also becoming more widely accepted as effective complementary treatments for PTSD...
  • May 8, 2015 by Yvonne Lau.

    Today’s moms juggle many responsibilities at once. We may be holding down full time jobs in addition to working in the home and taking care of our families. Many of us have already been through the trials and tribulations of raising a family, and are perhaps enjoying an empty nest with different priorities. Wherever you are in life, it’s important to try and enjoy each day, and good health is a crucial part of being able to do that. So how do you stay healthy and physically and mentally balanced while being the nucleus of your family?

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