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Quality Control

  • December 28, 2015 by Yvonne Lau.

    Many of the herbs used in our formulas can only be sourced from China where medicinal herbs have grown naturally for thousands of years. During a recent visit to China, I had the privilege of visiting the city of Bozhou in Anhui province. Bozhou is home to arguably the largest Chinese herb market in the world, where they grow nearly 165,000 acres of herbs with 1 million people engaged in the planting, processing, and distribution of herbs. I was in Bozhou with our head herb master/buyer Mr. Zhang, who travels more than 300 days out of the year meeting with farmers, inspecting crops, and collecting herb...
  • February 24, 2015 by Dana Yates.

    In the news recently was an article involving dietary supplements that has attracted a lot of attention. The New York Attorney General issued cease-and-desist letters to four national retail chains demanding that they provide information on how they verify the ingredients in certain herbal supplements. It was a bit shocking for our team at Bamboo Pharmacy and we wanted to pull back the curtain to our own quality control measures...
  • November 3, 2014 by Laura Stropes, L.Ac..

    The teapill gets its name from the way that raw herbs are low temperature brewed into a “tea” which is later formed into a small round pill called a teapill. Many of our Bamboo Pharmacy products are available in teapill form - think of a teapill like a little ball of condensed herb juice. That’s a very simplified statement, but when you think of it as molded herb extracts instead of medicine, it begins to make sense why you will sometimes need to take 8 of them at a time...

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